18.08.2018 International "Baltic Winner 2019" Rahvusvaheline näitus "Balti Võitja 2018"

Our results from that show with 3 dogos Blanco Solar Jaguape - Best of Breed Baby with Promotional Prize! Fausto Espiritu Greco Antu Makto Best Male 2, res-CACIB! Blanco Solar Isla - ecxellent 1!

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12.08.2018 II group show in Riga, Latvia

Fausto EG AM is Best of Breed, CQ, LAT CAC and Latvian Champion now!!! Thank you judge T. Sharmont!!! Fausto on Tõu Pari Lätis, Läti Tsempion!!!  

29.07.2017 Imavere Show - Blanco Solar Hualka

Blanco Solar Hualka - Best of Breed!!! Judge Bonka Georgieva Laslo from Serbia Thank you very much!!! Congratulations to owners!

28.07.2018 BLANCO SOLAR JAGUAPE - BOB Baby/ Tõu Parim Baby

Imavere dogshow, Estonia BLANCO SOLAR JAGUAPE - Best of Breed Baly & Promotional Prize - Thank you judge Elena Agafonova, Italy Imavere koertenäitus - BLANCO SOLAR JAGUAPE -  Tõu Parim Baby/Eriauhind! Palju õnne omanikele!!!

New male in our kennel

Champion and Winner Slovakia Fausto Espiritu Greco Antu Makto - full hearing, BAER test ++, dysplasie free HD AA, ED 00, full scissor bite, great temperament  

10.06 National dogshow in Russia, Sankt-Petersburg / Rahvuslik näitus Venemaal, Sankt-Petersburg

Blanco Solar Isla - Best Female, Rus Jun CAC, Best Junior and Best of Breed!! Congratulations to owners with new title for Isla Junior Champion of Russia!!! 

02 June International dogshow Estonian Winner 2018 / Rahvusvaheline näitus Eesti Võitja 2018

Blanco Solar Hualka won Best Female, Cacib, Estonian Winner 2018 title and now is Estonian Champion! Blanco Solar Isabel was second in intermediate class with mark excellent! Congratulations to owners with top results! You are just amazing people! Thank you!!!